dimanche 13 mai


Grand auditoire

Reto Weber, percussion

Nino G, human beatbox

Chico Freeman, vibes

Carlo Rizzo, tamburello

Muthuswamy Balasubramoniam, mridangan


Depuis 1973, le batteur et percussionniste suisse Reto Weber donne des performances solo partout dans le monde. De ses innombrables voyages, il a rapporté les plus divers instruments de percussion de diverses cultures qu’il utlise habilement dans ses concerts. En 1978 il a fondé son illustre Percussion Orchestra avec Nana Kwum Nketia et Djamchid Chemirani, et incluant, selon la formation, Muthuswamy Balasubramoniam, Adama Drame et Pierre Favre. Cet ensemble s’est souvent produit avec grand succès dans les grands festivals internationaux dont e.a. à Montreux et à Berlin. Reto a collaboré avec de nombreux grands musiciens de jazz comme Albert Mangelsdorff, Charlie Mariano, Franco Ambrosetti, Christy Doran, Dave Holland, Lee Konitz, Henri Texier, Gianluca Petrella, Gilad Atzmon, ainsi que le Phong Lan Orchestra Hanoi. Il a formé un magnifique trio avec Eberhard Weber et Enrico Rava, et conduit son Squeezeband offrant des lineups toujours variables et excitants.

The internationally renowned drummer and percussionist Reto Weber has surrounded himself with outstanding musical talents for his 65th birthday and 45 years of stage presence and exceptional career. The new percussion orchestra is bursting with vitality and seamlessly blends the different musical styles of each member. Reto Weber is responsible for most of the composition and provides many percussion instruments himself, including the hang (his own invention), the steel pan, the Indian ghatam, rows of cymbals, gongs, bells, steel drum, and different types of hand drums. The group drifts back and forth between jazz and hip hop, creating a unique and enthralling sound. Two regular members of Reto’s Squeezeband faithfully back him in his efforts.The great saxophonist Chico Freeman, who exceptionally plays vibes in this venture, successfully leads his own bands and appears alongside many greats of contemporary jazz. Nino G is actually one of the most important figures in the beat box scene, as witnessed by his numerous appearances at events in London, Berlin and New York. His collaboration with Reto Weber has taken him in an entirely different direction.