samedi 13 mai


Grand Auditoire

Jeff Herr - drums

Zhenya Strigalev - sax

Jérôme Klein - keys

Pol Belardi - bass


Please Disperse - artist in residence 

From hypnotic minimalism, via groove-driven chants to completely improvised supernovas, this high-octane quartet mixes European traditional, American jazz and Eastern influences to deliver an excitingly modern sound. The band is composed of leading figures in the Luxembourg jazz scene: Pol Belardi (bass), Jérôme Klein (keys) and Jeff Herr (drums) joining forces with Zhenya Strigalev, a fearless London based saxophonist.
Their latest Opus, "Please Disperse", has been created in an artistic residency at Opderschmelz and has been released by Double Moon/Challenge Records in May 2023.
Von hypnotischem Minimalismus über groovegetriebene Gesänge bis hin zu komplett improvisierten Supernovas - dieses energiegeladene Quartett mischt europäische Tradition, amerikanischen Jazz und östliche Einflüsse zu einem aufregend modernen Sound. Die Band setzt sich aus führenden Persönlichkeiten der luxemburgischen Jazzszene zusammen: Pol Belardi (Bass), Jérôme Klein (Tasten) und Jeff Herr (Schlagzeug) haben sich mit Zhenya Strigalev, einem furchtlosen Saxophonisten aus London, zusammengetan.
Ihr neuestes Opus, "Please Disperse", entstand im Rahmen einer künstlerischen Residenz bei Opderschmelz und wurde im Mai 2023 von Double Moon/Challenge Records veröffentlicht.
Du minimalisme hypnotique aux supernovas entièrement improvisées, en passant par des chants au groove puissant, ce quartet énergique mélange la tradition européenne, le jazz américain et les influences orientales pour créer un son d'une modernité passionnante. Le groupe est composé de personnalités de premier plan de la scène jazz luxembourgeoise : Pol Belardi (basse), Jérôme Klein (claviers) et Jeff Herr (batterie) se sont associés à Zhenya Strigalev, un saxophoniste intrépide de Londres.
Leur dernier opus, "Please Disperse", a été créé dans le cadre d'une résidence artistique chez Opderschmelz et a été publié en mai 2023 par Double Moon/Challenge Records.


Jeff Herr is born in 1980 in Luxembourg. He began his musical studies in 1991 in the “Conservatoire de Luxembourg”, with lessons of Solfege, Classical Percussion, Drums, Latin Percussion, Harmony and Piano. He stayed until 2001, having graduated in Solfege (Premier Prix) and Drums (Premier Prix and Prix Supérieur). From 2001 to 2005, he was studying Jazz music at the Conservatorium Maastricht, department Jazz and Pop, with Drums as main subject. Besides the musical courses he also followed pedagogic and methodic classes to obtain a music teacher diploma for Drum set.

He graduated successfully in 2005 and added a postgraduate course which he completed in 2008. Jeff has studied with Guy Frisch, Al Ginter, Rainer Kind, Ron Van Stratum, Arnoud Gerritse, Jamal Thomas and Oliver Strauch and followed master classes with Nippy Noya, Changuito, Phil Maturano and many more… Since 2001 he has been performing in a lot of different bands and projects with various talented musicians like Pascal Schumacher, Marc Demuth, Greg Lamy, Ernie Hammes, Johannes Müller, Maxime Bender, Carlo Nardozza, Pascal Mohy, Jef Neve, Christophe Devisscher or Joachim Badenhorst and players from the Maastricht-Limburg region. Jeff is also a co-founder from the spectacular percussion and DJ group “Stroke X”. In 2003 he joined the Funk-Soul Cover band “Funx Force Five”, an upcoming show-band from Aachen, Germany, as well as the Hip-Hop group “The Gentles”, Luxembourg’s breakthrough artists from 2003. In the same year he created his own band, the Jeff Herr Corporation, with musicians that he had met during his studies in Maastricht: Carlo Nardozza, Trumpet; Joonas Lorenz, Fender Rhodes and Synthesizers; Tom Van Acker, Basses. In July 2004 the band signed a record deal with the Waltzing-Parke Records (WPR) Label and recorded their 1st CD “Modern Times” which was officially released in January 2005. A second opus, “Conspiracy”, followed in 2007. Since then the band has been performing in many different countries, among them the Benelux, France, Germany, Romania, Greece, Vietnam… In 2005 he joined the Soul/R’n’B Band “Funky P” who hit the charts in summer 2006 with their debut single “Smile Baby”. Their latest EP “Funk’d Up” (2012) with the singles “Move your body”, “Funkamental” and “World is burning” still has a lot of airplay on Luxembourg’s biggest radio station RTL. He is actually playing with Luxembourg’s finest Blues Guitar player Remo Cavallini and performs regulary with austrian singer Shlomit Butbul, indian Sitar Master Pandit Deobrat Mishra and Luxemburg based icelandic singer Thorunn. Another new and interesting project is his collaboration with drummer Joel Heyard with whom he founded the Duo JH Groove Factory in 2011. Finally, in autumn 2012, a collaboaration with fellow musicians Maxime Bender (Saxophone) and Laurent Payfert (Doublebass) became the new Jeff Herr Corporation. In 2014, he releases his first cd in trio “Layer Cake” (Igloo records)

Possessing fire, grace and edgy attitude alto saxophonist Zhenya Strigalev is a young virtuoso forging an increasingly high profile international presence.In the eight years since graduating from London’s prestigious Royal Academy of Music in 2007, Strigalev has cut a dynamic path between the London and New York jazz scenes. He’s worked with some of today’s most forward thinking musicians and appeared at many world leading jazz festivals, performing extensively in Uk, Spain, Italy, Russia, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, France, Germany and more...

Selected Press cuts: “At the root of it all is Strigalev, whose compositions are so strong that they live up to the talents of the musical titans who join him on this CD. This could be the kind of jazz album that has something for everyone, not out of some sense of catering to the crowd, but because the mood it creates is so universally appealing.”4.5 Stars, Downbeat Magazine. The best albums of 2015. “Alto saxist Zhenya Strigalev juices up retro-minded postbop with cutting-edge grooves and madcap intensity on his excellent latest, Robin Goodie.”TimeOut, New York critic's pick

Throughout his entire career, composer, bassist, vibraphonist, pianist, educator, producer, radio presenter Pol Belardi has forged himself a strong credo consisting of two main ingredients: polyvalence and creativity. Belardi, who tried out his parents' musical instruments as a small child, received extensive musical training at the conservatory of his birthplace from the age of seven (including drums, piano, double bass, harmony and composition); he also played in the local harmony orchestra and brass band.

Between 2006 and 2008, Belardi studied jazz, among other things, at the Conservatoire de Luxembourg; he also became interested in rock and electronic and experimental music. He then continued his musical training as a jazz musician at the Royal Conservatoire of Brussels (with Eric Legnini and Michel Hatzigeorgiou), graduating with a Bachelor's degree in 2011. He then graduated cum laude as a bass guitarist from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (with Theo de Jong and David de Marez Oyens) until 2014.

While still a student, he already ran his jazz band Pol Belardi's Force (which released its first album in 2012, still as 4S), for which he also composed. In addition, he led the collective Urban Voyage in Amsterdam, which released its first album in 2016, and the electro-groove trio DillenDub. Furthermore, he accompanied Pascal Schumacher, Charlotte Haesen, Riaz Khabirpour, Claire Parsons and in the band MetroMara Mara Minjoli, with whom he can also be heard on CDs. He also performed in the neo-fusion band Little Known Facts. He has given concerts not only in Central Europe and France, but also in Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Greece, North America, China and Japan.
As a composer, he has written works in various genres and for different instrumentations from trio to big band.

Born in Luxembourg, Jerome Klein's steps in the world of music began at the age of 6. He began first with the classical piano, followed by classical percussion at the Conservatory of Luxembourg.After finishing his diploma's in classical music, he got more and more absorbed by Jazz and improvised music, and began focusing on Jazz Vibraphone and Drums. After several years at the Conservatory of Luxembourg, he entered the Jazz-section of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels where he got his Bachelor in Vibes, Drums and Piano.

There he studied with Eric Legnini, Bruno Castellucci, Guy Cabay, Michel Hatzigeorgiou, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Phil Abraham, Fabrice Alleman, Pirly Zurtstrassen, etc. .. and got Master's Degree in Jazz-Drums at the Koninklijk Conservatorium of Brussels with Teacher's like Stéphane Galland, Lionel Beuvens, Pieter Bast, David Linx, Christophe Wallemme, Peter Hertmans, Martin Gort,.....He also had the oportunity to follow classes by John Riley, Dick Oatts, Luis Bonilla and Justin DiCiocco from the Manhattan School of Music. In 2009/2010, Jerome was also member of the European Masterclass Bigband under the leading of Peter Herbolzheimer. With the Band, he had the opportunity to perform with names like Benny Golson, Herb Geller, Ack van Rooyen, John Ruocco, Jean-François Prins at several concerts through Germany...

Jerome played in several Jazz-clubs in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany and played festivals like: Jazz à Mâcon, Jazz à Vienne, Comblain Jazz Festival, Jazz à Liège, Jazz Marathon, Gaume Jazz d'Hiver, Like a Jazz Machine Festival (Luxembourg), Blues'n'Jazz Rallye.Besides collaborations as drummer and pianist for the 'Orchestre National De Jazz Luxembourg', the 'Luxembourg Jazz Orchestra' and the 'Orchestre Philharmonique Luxembourg', he is also currently teaching Drums and Percussion at the Music Schools of the cities of Echternach and Wiltz (Luxembourg).

Some current projects: Paradigm Junction, APFELBAUM, Pol Belardi Quintet, Lift, Octet Red, Cruz Control, François-b, Quartet 4S, Arthur Links Quintet, Guillaume Vierset Quartet, Taly Toké, etc...


Tele-Port ist ein brandneues Projekt mit Luxemburgs führenden Jazzmusikern, bestehend aus Jeff Herr am Schlagzeug, Pol Belardi am Bass und Jérôme Klein am Keyboard. Ergänzt durch den abenteuerlustigen russischen Saxofonisten Zhenya Strigalev, der seit zehn Jahren ein fester Bestandteil der Londoner Jazzszene ist.

Das Konzept von Tele-Port ist ein Destillat sorgfältig ausgewählter Zutaten. Einmal aus dem Herzen Europas, bestehend aus Romantik, Weisheit und Geduld. Weiter sind es die Vereinigten Staaten mit ihrer Jazzgeschichte und zu guter Letzt die östlichen Einflüsse, geprägt durch ihre reichen Traditionen. Das Ergebnis ist eine aufregend moderne Interpretation des Jazz. Eine Art Klangwesen mit europäischem Kopf, amerikanischen Füßen und einem Flugticket, das stets auf der Suche nach seinem sich wandelnden Körper ist. Die Kompositionen entfalten sich unweigerlich in verschiedene Richtungen und teleportieren den Hörer an eine Vielzahl unterschiedlicher melodischer Orte. Von hypnotischem Minimalismus über groovegetriebene Gesänge bis hin zu komplett improvisierten Supernovas. Diese Diversität ist auf die Erfahrung jedes einzelnen Bandmitglieds zurückzuführen, die alle auch bewährte Komponisten sind. Und ihren persönlichen Hintergrund miteinbringen.